Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am just full of puns lately, aren't I?

I just had to write about a new found obsession.  
Alice's Tea Cup...or to be specific Alice's Tea Cup III.  A friend of mine wanted to meet for a cup of tea the other night. -Remember me telling you about John? He's spent a lot of time in England and therefore tea is a big deal to him.- Anyway, he wanted to get some tea so I did a quick yelp search on tea and in doing so found said new obsession.  This place had great reviews and boasted a 2 hour wait on weekends,  The pictures showed a small shop that was rather whimsical in decor since it is based on Alice in Wonderland. I had a few hesitations.  I was concerned, for example, that the whim would be overwhelming, and the atmosphere might be a little too 1. girly, 2. snobby, or 3. just not my style.  However, I was wrong.  

The level of whim was appropriate.  The decor was interesting but subdued, and I loved the menu.  This place offers 140 different types of tea, brought out in super cute tea pots with bird figurines on top in different colors.  The dinnerware included mismatched tea cups and saucers (which added to its appeal), and doilies were optional.  There were also little tutus and fairy wings that little girls can wear when dining, which weirded me out at first but I decided was pretty cute by the end. John and I got a combo deal that included a large pot of tea as well as two scones.  He opted for plain buttermilk, and I went for the lemon raspberry.  Wond-er-ful.  The scones were awesome and served with little sides of cream and jam.  The tea was good, and the atmosphere was laid back and perfect.  I felt more relaxed in that place than I have in weeks.  

In fact, I loved this place so much that I met Julie there last night.  This time, I was hungrier and ready to try more of their food.  We opted for the Mad Hatter.  This includes two pots of tea, 3 scones, 2 sandwiches, and a dessert.  It was  a TON of food.  We chose for our scones buttermilk, pumpkin, and espresso chocolate chip.  For our sandwiches, we chose egg salad for Julie and a smoked chicken breast with apples and herbed goat cheese spread for me.  Our dessert was a chocolate mousse with assorted cookies.  The waitress brought it out on a tiered serving dish with scones at the top, sandwiches in the middle, and the dessert at the bottom.  Everything was sooo good.  The pumpkin scone was the star though.  Starbucks' pumpkin scone has NOTHING on this one.  It had a carmel sauce drizzled over the top and was served warm.  Julie and I did not expect to walk into a tea shop and come out so full we might as well have rolled down the street, but we did.  We had to take a few big deep sighs just to get through the meal.  There may have even been a few burps in there, which of course a tea shop is the most appropriate place to let one's burps out.   I might have to start doing some studying there.  I just love it too much. 

The Mad Hatter

Speaking of studying, I have got to be super disciplined over the next few weeks.  I've got my dermatology mock board exams coming.  Super nervous.  In fact, I better get back to it right now! Hello, books. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So the Metropolitan Transit Authority has been a regular source of weirdness for me lately.  If you are my Facebook friend, then you may already know a little about this.  I felt like everyday last week took place in the public transportation twilight zone.  

First, I was stuck on a train like a stinking sardine, which always makes me a little anxious.  I literally had my hand on the thigh of some guy whose breath smelled about as good as the molded dishes in my sink.  I could do absolutely nothing about this.  While in this position, some homeless man came barreling through us all trying to make his way to the back door of the train that opens up to the platform between cars.  He couldn't quite get the door open in time so he just peed all over himself and all over the floor.  At the next stop, he barreled through everyone again and ran off the train. 

The next day, a bus driver yelled at me in a very mean way for reasons I can't understand.  The night after that a man on the subway fell asleep on me.  After I pushed him off, he insisted on talking to me despite that fact that I put my earphones in my ears and ignored him.  

A couple of nights following that...while on the 2 train coming back from the hospital in the Bronx...a man with a bass guitar made up a song for me.  It went something like this...

"This is for the white lady with the ponytail and white lady only..."

I got sunshine
On the Number 2 Train
When I look at the white lady
She got a college brain

I guess
You'll say
What can make me feel this way
White lady with the ponytail is...
My girl
Talking bout white laaady"

Then something about my name being Amy and me looking like a Barbie. 
I gave him a dollar.

Of course, there is always the normal stuff.  The 20-something-year-old kid who asked me for $5 and then yelled at me about making a doctor's salary and refusing to share.  The homeless man who told me to go to the ATM the other day after I told him I didn't have money.  The couples who scream at each other in front of everyone.  Oh and then my friend's girlfriend who had a man decide to...ahem..."test out his magic wand" right in front of her and then block her from running.  This stuff never ends.  Everyday I am AMAZED at the sheer amount of crazy people here.  You have not seen crazy until you come to New York.  

On a different note, you should know that there are lots of nice people here too.  Granted, they can't always show they are nice, but they are out there.  Take this for example...
I was standing on the platform waiting for a train the other day when somehow I manage to drop my phone.  Picture this - in slow motion - bounce, bounce, plunk.  Rightover the platform and down onto the subway tracks.  So then I just stared in shock at my phone sitting under the tracks.  I had to go through the scenarios in my head.  I had just checked the schedule so I knew that the next train was in 10 minutes.  "Should I crawl down there and get it? If I did, could I get back up?  Was it worth possibly getting hit by a train for a phone?  Crap! I paid hundreds of dollars for that phone.  But it's RIGHT THEEEEERE." And while I stared at my phone in paralyzing shock, a man came over to me and said "how bad do you need it?" I told him I needed it pretty bad.  And then he crawled down into the tracks and got my phone for me.  

Can you believe that? 

I felt SOOOOO guilty and thankful and shocked all at the same time.  The rest of the conversation went like this...
Me: If I had something to give you, I would give you whatever I had.  But I have nothing.
Him: I'm going to work. 
This was followed by him avoiding my gaze, putting his hands in his pockets, and staring at the floor.  So much for human interaction.  Oh well.   

Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Academy of Dermatology = Amazing Awesome Drunk

This past weekend I flew out to NOLA (New Orleans for those wondering) for the annual Mecca of dermatologists.  Every year, thousands (and I mean THOUSANDS) of dermatologists, dermatology residents, dermatology nurses flee to a popular US city for our annual American Academy of Dermatology Conference.  During this conference, there are hundreds of academic sessions featuring the latest treatments, procedures, and research.  There are live patient demonstrations and even a Dermatophatology (aka Nerdpath) Bowl where residents compete for bragging rights.  

But who are we kidding?

While the academic sessions are very interesting, let's not forget what is TRULY interesting.  That would be the parties and free stuff.  Many derm related companies put on great parties throughout the weekend at different hot spots in the city.   Dermpath Diagnostics always throws a good one, and this year was no exception.  Featured at Mardi Gras World (where they keep the floats), this year's party had about 4 open bars, free local-themed food stations everywhere, a jazz band, a pop music band, and a marching band.  Did I mention the open bars?  You would think that a bunch of grown doctors would know better than to have themselves escorted out of the party premises, but nuh-uh.  No way.  I saw people peeing out of doorways and girls dressed up in Oscar-worthy dresses being put into cabs by security.  Woo, lordy! It was a sight.  Kinda embarrassing for us all, but, eh, what can you do? 

Now on to the free stuff...
Every year without question there is always a huge exhibit hall full of hundreds if not thousands of exhibitors all pushing some kind of product.  This means FREE SAMPLES.  I have found many a beauty product that I regularly use now by these means.  I loaded up.  I had to check a bag on my flight to Abilene just to get it all here.  I lined it all up and let the fam start picking and choosing.  I had everything from sunscreen to wrinkle cream to makeup to some weird thermal water spritz stuff that is all the rage.  What's even better is that they scan a card every time they give you something, and it provides your address for them to send even more free stuff.  Yesssss. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's do the time warp again...

Given up on me yet?  I am not sure what the deal is, but I have just not had the motivation to do a blog recently.  Ummm, and by recently, I mean in like over a 2 and a half months  Yikes. do I make up for the last 2 months?  Hmm...I sat down a couple of times to start some entries and just couldn't finish them because I was trying to tell you guys about everything that has gone on.  I think I have realized that I am just going to have to move it forward.  There is just no way to include it all!

I have been a lot busier lately.  I haven't even been able to keep up with Ellen and Oprah lately.  I have even given thought to canceling my cable because I just don't watch it. Gasp! So anyway, I will just drop a little blurb about the general goings-on.

Uh, can you say snow?
That would be the word of the month (or last couple of months). Since Christmas, it seems like it snows every Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have absolutely no idea why it snows mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but I guess it is just Mother Nature's sense of humor.  Anyway, Christmas brought on our huge blizzard that I am sure you guys all heard about around the country.  As it turns out, I was the  sole resident left in New York to be on call that weekend while my co-workers all went home.  I was originally scheduled to go home for Christmas and work Thanksgiving (which is why my parents came to see me in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday), but plane tickets from New York around Christmas time are notoriously and atrociously expensive.  Since I was going on a cruise with my family the next week, we decided it wasn't worth spending that much money...we are talking somewhere around $700...for two days in Texas right before I would see them again.  So I stayed in New York....

I initially thought some of my friends might be in town and we could all snuggle up while I made dinner, but not so much.  I spent the holiday alone feeling sorry for myself and making my friends into South Park characters online.

Parham the Doctor

Justin the Video Game Guru

Jordan the Butcher

Julie the Stage Production Manager

Farron the Bum

Then came the snow....oh yes, then came the snow.  The storm hit on Sunday of Christmas weekend, which is of course when the millions of NYC residents were trying to get home.  What a disaster.  This was the 6th largest storm in the history of NYC, and Central Park (which is right by my apartment) got something around 20 inches of snow.  Wow.

Being the intelligent young lady I am, I decided to go get something to eat with a friend that night.  When we finally found a Chinese restaurant that was still open, the snow was really starting to come down.  By the time we left the brave little Chinese restaurant, it was crazy outside.  There were buses stuck in the snow everywhere.  People were stuck in the subways (one group got stuck in a train for 6 hours underground!). I was over on the west side trying to make my way to the east side.  I had to travel south on the subway around the periphery of Central Park and travel back north to my stop on the east side.  Normally, I would just take the crosstown bus across the park, but as you can imagine, that wasn't gonna happen.   I finally made it home, but it was nuts! There were literally buses stranded on E 96th street from Madison Avenue to First Avenue.  I bet I saw at least 15 of them.
I watched the snow pile up on my window sill, and when I woke up the next morning this is what I saw....

My street.  This is from my front door step.

This is me standing in knee deep snow while walking to work (pre-galoshes!)

So like I said, I was the sole resident amongst my co-workers that was still in town as everyone else was stranded out of the state.  Therefore, I got to man the clinic on my own that day.  It turned out to not be so bad, but man it could have been a disaster!  I was a little stressed.

Since this was my first snow storm since living in New York, I did have to learn a few things.

1) Those rain boots/galoshes I made fun of in an earlier blog?  Absolutely necessary!  When the snow starts to melt in Manhattan, it turns into a nasty concoction of dirty, icky slush that can get as high as 4 to 6 inches.  Try walking through that in tennis shoes.  Not to mention that I am not the most coordinated person as it is, and the traction on the bottom of those boots is kinda necessary.  So I found a pair.  I really searched far and wide.  I wanted something cheaper but still cute.  I didn't want the plain black, but I didn't want something obnoxious with huge bright flowers or peace signs or something. So I settled on these....

Ok, so these are Jimmy Choos/Hunters, and obviously my salary and Jimmy Choo are not BFF's.  But I found something that looked like these without the brand name.  Of all places, I found them at Academy in Texas when I was visiting last, which means durable, functional, and affordable.  Yesssss! Let me tell you something, I wear these stinking boots pretty much everyday.  They have saved my life.  They smell a little nasty now, but they. are. awesome.  I can walk through and on anything without getting soaked and cold or falling.  Someone asked me the other day if my boots were Armani.  Ha! So I guess I have them fooled. 

2) Do not - and I mean DO NOT -  stand on the corner of the street near the curb after a snow day.  You will get soaked by above mentioned icky slush.  So you are dirty, cold, wet, and mad.  Nice.

3)  Snow can fall sideways just like rain falls sideways.  I feel like I should be doing my own  version of Forrest Gump....ahem...."one day it started snowing, and it didn't quit for four [days]. We been through every kind of snow there is. Little bitty stingin' snow... and big ol' fat snow. Snow that flew in sideways. And sometimes snow even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even snowed at night..."

4) They do not pick up the trash when it snows.  Because the sanitation department is so busy trying to salt the sidewalks and plow the streets, they put the trash service on hold.  It smells great...especially when it starts warming up and melting.  Woo.

5) Ice sucks even worse.  There was one morning when we literally could have ice skated to work.  Even the boots were slipping on this mess.  It was a solid sheet of ice on the sidewalks.  My co-worker had to come down the big hill that slopes from Lexington and Third Avenue down to Second Avenue where our hospital is.  She said everyone was huddled together, holding on to each other, and scooting down the street en masse.  That would probably be one of the only times you see New Yorkers acknowledge each other on the street.

TANGENT: I do want to comment on this.  While to most people in other parts of the country the act of refusing to acknowledge the people around you might seem rude, you begin to understand that it is necessary here in NYC.  People are crazy.  No really.  CRAAAAAZY. For the first few months that I lived here, I would still talk to people and look them in the eye.  Mistake.  Big mistake.  You will get stuck talking to someone who thinks bacon is for wearing or someone who can't even form words and smells like pee.  No joke.  Some of them even look normal.  Just don't do it.

This was hard to get used to since I felt kinda rude.  I was in New Orleans this past weekend where people are super friendly, and I realized that I was still in New York mindset.  I had to remind myself that it was okay to return a "good afternoon" to the people on the street.  It was a pretty notable contrast between the two cities.

So yeah, that's been the norm the last few weeks. Snow on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Nothing like that first blizzard, but snow here and there nonetheless.  Now that I am used to it and properly prepared, it hasn't been that bad.

Oh lordy, I am currently in Texas (where it is colder than New York, mind you), and my mom just gave me a cup of my grandmother's chocolate pie filling.  I love you guys, but I need to focus on the chocolate.

I will try to write some more entries.  In all likelihood, I have lost any readers that I previously had.  My bad.  But I will try to write anyway, even if my mom is the only reader.  Hi Mom!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The battle is lost but I will win the war!


My fantasy football team has finally found the ground.  The last couple of weeks, my team just hasn't quite put up the numbers that it once did.  Granted, I am still in the running for the playoffs, but it is now a tie.  This week is a big one.  Not only do I REALLY need to win this game to try and secure my wild card position for playoffs, but I am playing Justin (see entry about Snuggie Jesus) who would love nothing more than to beat me. And if I beat him...oh sweet victory. Everyone keep your fingers too, Farron.

The fact that I am addressing Farron directly in this blog brings up another battle lost.  For months, Farron and Julie have been painstakingly trying to find my blog. Julie has googled every combination of my name and the word blog or my name and some subject she heard me say in reference to my blog.  But alas, she could not find it.  She has even gone as far as to message my friends (that she doesn't know, mind you) on Facebook and ask them for the address.  And for months, I was winning.  They couldn't find it.  I am sure you are all (all 2 of you) wondering why I care that Farron and Julie read the blog.  Well,'s principle.  They want to find it.  I am keeping them from it.  And two...they live here.  The blog is written more as a way to let my friends and family who do not live in NYC know what I am up to here and what it's like to move here.  They already live here.  So when I am talking about how cool something is, they will probably think it's silly since they have been experiencing it for years now.  Basically, this blog is kind of like my written testimony to being a longstanding NYC tourist. Haha. 

But I lost.

They finally wised up and found my blog address on my sister-in-law's blog, which they found through my brother's Facebook page.  Argh.  What's even worse is that I was in the room with them when they found them.  Oh, horrible defeat.   So now there is this big joke that Julie loves to repeat and it goes something like this.  Ahem.  Picture a horrible, horrible Texas accent with 5 syllables for every normal one syllable (if you guys have ever seen the talking pothole commercial - see video below- it sounds like that)..."My name is Jennifer, and I just moved to New York City.  I ride this thing called the suuubway.  It's this big train that runs through a tube! Oh my goodness!"

I get to hear this.
A lot.

It's ok.  I also get to make fun of Julie for saying things like "harrer movie" (horror movie) and "harrible" (horrible).  Remember hat dawg?  And I am also going to include this picture....

That's Halloween, i.e. Zombie Cop

Alright, folks, my parents are in town for Thanksgiving.  You have more entries coming your way if I will just sit down and write them. I gotta tell you all about my vacation and about Thanksgiving too.  Woo hoo.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Iconic Saturday

So as I was saying, Parham and I decided (poorly) to check out a few iconic places in the city The first being the original Katz's deli. While we have Katz's in Texas (a favorite late night spot during college in Austin since it is open 24 hours), this was the original, truly authentic deli. This place was a madhouse. There was a line...yes, a line!!!...wrapping around the side of the building. A large bouncer...yes, a bouncer!!...was standing outside letting people in to the place one small group at a time. There was a sign that stated bags were subject to search...wha??? And we received a ticket that was our pass out of the deli with a $50 charge if the ticket was lost. Where were we? A club? So then there was a long line to get a sandwich, another line to get french fries, another line to get drinks, a line to get an appetizer, and yet another line to pay. We were packed in like sardines, and there was no way to sit at a table without getting bumped a million times by the people walking by. Granted, the food was fantastic. I had half a pastrami sandwich and really enjoyed it despite not being a huge meat/pastrami fan. Parham had a ruben. The sandwiches were served on fresh rye with a pile of high quality meat the size of a New York high rise loaded on it. The potato cakes were nothing short of wonderful. They serve them with sour cream and applesauce. I wasn't sure what to think when ordering them, but I have to say that I enjoyed them as much or more than the sandwich. So after surviving the zoo called Katz's and its inhabiting animals, Parham and I left more stressed than we were going in.

We headed to a place called Doughnut Plant a few blocks away. Again, a very iconic place in New York since it has been featured on Food Network and the Travel Channel. We had tried to go to this place previously only to arrive 10 minutes after it closed.  This time, we got there while it was open but waited in another half hour line just to get in.  We tried an assortment of donuts included cocunut cream filled, peanut butter raspberry filled, creme brulee, pumpkin, and apple cinnamon. NO, we did not eat these all at once. Don't judge. We really wanted some coffee but after our strenuous eating experiences, we decided to enjoy the donuts at my place and brew some coffee there. They were pretty amazing with the coconut being my favorite. Mark Isreal, the owner of the Doughnut Plant uses his grandfather's recipe and adds his own twist. All the ingredients are homemade and fresh down to the jams, and Mark has somehow developed a method of making a square donute that has filling throughout the whole thing rather than just in the middle so every bite includes a bit of filling. So. Good.

Again, we run into the loves and hates of living here.  I wouldn't be able to try these things if I didn't live here, but when you have to wait half an hour just to get IN, you start getting a little grumpy.  Of course, you can always be smart and not go on a Saturday morning. Eh, like I said, poor decisions.  You live, you learn. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Vant to Suck Your...jam filled doughnut?

Before I get started, I had to reach a decision.  I have decided to let go of the guilt of not posting frequently on here.  Sorry.  I feel bad about it all the time, but I have been running around so much that it is hard to find some time to sit down and write.  Sooooo...that's it.  I just can't feel bad about it anymore.  I will keep trying to write, but the frequency will not be what it was in July.  Sorry, sorry, sorry!  Keep checking back every once in while...

That said...let's get started on this post.  I have to think back to all that I have done since writing last.  Ah yes, I was about to head to my high school reunion.  Things went pretty well.  We started off at our high school's football game on Friday.  It was surreal to watch and think about how important all that seemed at the time and how wrapped up we were in it.  No complaints though.  I thoroughly enjoy football, and that's where the roots were set.  Saturday was a family zoo day.  Since I don't have kiddos of my own, I invited my parents and my brother and his wife and twins (who I am always thrilled to see), and we had a lot of fun.  The twins LOVE animals and frequent the zoo, which is something I used to do when I lived in Abilene.  It was fun to share it with them.  Saturday night we had a dinner and headed out on the town.  The dinnner had the best turnout of any of the events and is where my slide show was shown. It was pretty weird to see some of these people after 10 years.  My, how some of them have changed!  It was also fun to see their kids and how much they look like their parents.  I had to head home Sunday, so the trip was short and sweet but totally worth it. 

The group at the Friday night football game...

Brynn, Farron, and me at dinner

The next weekend I had a couple of girlfriends from Texas come in for a visit.  We had a blast! Unfortunately, both of them ended up getting sick/injured during the trip, so some of the fun had to be a little more low key than expected, but we still had a good time.  We met up with some work friends on Friday night for some bar hopping, and then Saturday spent the day exploring Brooklyn (to the best of our sickly abilities).  They left pretty early on Sunday, so again it was all short and sweet but it was really nice to have company and enjoy the city with friends who aren't from here.

It's blurry but it's all I got.  My girls.

This past weekend was of course Halloween weekend, and Parham came into town.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween and am always excited for the chance to dress up.  This year, I had the idea that I wanted to wear a costume that was reminiscent of Marie Antoinette.  I thought this might be a little boring/overdone, so I spiced it up by turning into an Elizabethan vampire.  After a little research on the internet, I ended up with red and black corset that I placed over my costume from last year (a pirate's wench dress that had a chiffon top and a flared skirt with petticoat), a platinum Marie Antoinette wig with curls and all, some cap-on vampire fangs, and some crazy contacts that made my eyes look like red colored cat eyes.  It was awesome!  I got lots of compliments and had a lot of fun wearing it.  Parham dressed in a red and black outfit that was reminiscent of that time period, and I added some make up effects and latex skin to create teeth holes in his neck as my victim.  Julie dressed as a zombie cop.  Way cool costume with a bullet hole in her neck and zombie contacts.  A big group of us headed to see the band Ok, Go! on Friday night.  It was fun to spend time with everyone, but I couldn't see a whole lot so it was hard to get into the experience.  I don't have any good pictures of my costume, but I am trying to get some.  I'll post them if I find them.

Saturday afternoon, Parham and I traipsed all over the city just to get some food.  It was a stressful experience in itself.  This is where the posting title comes in, but I am going to wait to tell you guys about these experiences since this blog entry is going to be super long and that will provide me with material for a post in the near future.  So keep watching for a new entry in the next couple of days to find out what it all means.

Saturday was more bar hopping with some of Parham's med school friends that live here.  Lots of drama since some 5 foot tall drunken toad of a cop (so he claims) followed us around randomly threatening to arrest us for "assaulting him" while we desperately tried to find a cab to get away from the freak. Ah, all in a night.  We then tried to meet up with some more friends just to be told to pay a $30 cover.  No way. So off to some weird bar called Oyster something.  That place was a trip.  Very tiny with weird people and some 80's music.  Finished the night at the Club Iguana (it had a decently priced cover charge) where we danced and played for a couple of hours before heading home. 

So as you can see, things have not slowed down much for me! Again, not that I am complaining, and it's only going to get busier from here.  This weekend coming up some friends are coming in to run the NY marathon, and then I leave the next weekend for a vacation consisting of combined Texas/California time.  I am super excited about this and am ready for the break from work and New York.  I just have a TON of work do around the apartment.  I know, I know. I STILL haven't posted pictures of my home yet, but I just don't want to spoil it before it is done!  This stuff is all taking a lot more time to get done than I anticipated (surprise, surpise...story of my life - big dreams, little motivation).  My deadline was supposed to be when the girls came a couple of weeks ago, but alas, this did not happen.  Oh well.  It will all be worth it in the end, I imagine. The weekend after I get back from vacay,  my parents are coming into town to celebrate Thanksgiving with me since I am on call.  I am REALLY excited about this.  I think Thanksgiving will be nice here, albeit cold, and I am excited to show my parents my new place and my new city.  Of course, my mom came with me when I moved, but things were still a little overwhelming at that point. 

Speaking of it getting cold, things are a-changin' around here.  The leaves are starting to turn.  The temperature has been surprisingly nice and hanging around a temperate 50's to 60's until this past weekend when it dropped down into the 40's and 30's.  Brrr.  Everyone keeps telling me how miserable it will be in the wintertime, so I am a little nervous, but I just need to start doing some better planning (i.e. wear gloves and a scarf when it's in the 30's instead of just my coat like I did this morning...argh).  I need to find myself a good pair of galoshes (so I am told).  Those things are huge here.  EVERYONE  has galoshes (so I am told), and I certainly have seen hundreds of pairs since the weather has been changing.

Just to make my point, check out these celeb photos I found on the net...

According to an article I just read, kitschy boots are no longer in.  We are now going for the more sophisticated neutral colors.  Bleh.  I guess I can always go with something like this...

The cowboy rain boot

Have you ever seen so much fuss over something as simple as rain boots?